• There are no open positions at this time.

View the job descriptions for a Library Clerk or a Library Page.


  • There are no open positions at this time.

Most full-time positions and some part-time ones are New York State Civil Service or Onondaga County Civil Service positions that require selection through a competitive process.

For Onondaga County Civil Service examination announcements, job postings, job specifications, and applications visit the Onondaga County Personnel Department website.


What are the possibilities?

  • Outreach Services Internship
  • Public Library Practicum – a little of everything!
  • Youth Services Internship
  • Special Projects Internship. Work with an ongoing project or service. Some examples:
    • Work with our Outreach Librarian and travel into the community with the Pop-Up Library
    • Growing the LibraryFarm (Cicero Branch)
    • Help with promotions and video production (PR Dept at our Cicero Branch)
    • Developing programs and ideas for the Discovery Den (North Syracuse Branch)
  • Propose a project. We’re always trying to learn and improve, and a project that interests you may be something that will help us do our jobs better or enrich services to our communities. Talk to us! If we like your idea we’ll ask you to write up a brief description and submit it with your application.

Why choose NOPL for your internship experience?

The Northern Onondaga Public Library (NOPL) is a Special Library district with three branch libraries, located in Brewerton, Cicero and North Syracuse. We have a staff of 49 and an operating budget of 2.75 million. In 2016, 692,373 items were borrowed or downloaded; there were 239,989 visits to the library, and 134,619 visits to our website. We offered 1,417 programs, attended by 20,640 people.

Those are the numbers, but what we’re most proud of is our organizational culture, focused on innovation and excellent customer service. An internship at NOPL is provides an opportunity to gain hands-on experience, to test assumptions based on classroom learning, to observe and be mentored by professional staff who may serve as career references, and to develop project items for your portfolio.

The Details

These are typically unpaid opportunities, but some internship projects may come with a stipend to cover travel expenses. Fill out the application below and we’ll be happy to get in touch with you to talk in more detail!

A note to iSchool students: Feel free to contact Assistant Dean Sue Corieri for more detail about NOPL. She is a NOPL Trustee and would be delighted to discuss the organization and internship program.

    Internship Application




    University [honeypot your-city]

    Expected Date of Graduation

    Required Internship Hours

    Preferred Length of Internship

    Desired Start/End Date


    Desired Internship Project

    Please describe relevant skills and qualifications for this internship:

    Please share why you are interested in this particular internship. Why our library? Why this position? What do you find intriguing? What do you hope to learn or experience?

    Please describe the skills and expertise you would bring to this internship with the NOPL. Share examples of similar or related projects or tasks you have completed in the past, including what was positive and what was challenging about the experience.

    If applicable, please explain the type of activities or projects required for your school program, including the level of mentoring or supervision required, and any other relevant information that will best help us determine if this is an internship experience we can reasonably provide.