We have new options for scheduling your pickup – see below!

When using Curbside Pickup:

  • Stay in your car during the Curbside Holds Pickup service
  • Return items directly to the book drop; please call ahead to return items too large to fit in the book drop
  • Follow social distancing guidelines

Using Curbside Holds Pickup

Request items to be held
Browse the library catalog and place NOPL-owned items on hold using your library card and PIN, or call the library to request items. If you need recommendations, fill out this form and a Librarian will be happy to send you personalized suggestions.
Wait until your items are HELD
You will receive an email or telephone notification for each item that you have held. You can also login to your library account to view the status of requested items. Items that are ready will say “Held.”
Schedule your pickup
Schedule a pickup with our new myLIBRO app, our online scheduling form, or call the the library to make an appointment. Please have your library card handy. A staff member will verify your information.
Pull into the designated pickup area and give us a call when you arrive
Staff will come out to your vehicle to deliver your items.
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Designated Pickup Areas


Brewerton Curbside Pickup Area


Cicero Curbside Pickup Area

North Syracuse

North Syracuse Curbside Pickup Area

The pickup area is located at the rear of NOPL Brewerton by the book drop, which is on Library Street.

Sun  Closed
Mon  10am-6pm
Tue  10am-8pm
Wed  10am-6pm
Thu  10am-6pm
Fri  10am-5pm
Sat  10am-2pm

The pickup area at NOPL Cicero is located in the second lot by the book drop. It’s the lot closest to the new apartment building next to the library.

Sun  Closed
Mon  10am-6pm
Tue  10am-6pm
Wed  10am-6pm
Thu  10am-8pm
Fri  10am-5pm
Sat  10am-2pm

The pickup area at NOPL North Syracuse is located within the library’s parking lot along the sidewalk near the book drop.

Sun  Closed
Mon  9:30am-8pm
Tue  9:30am-8pm
Wed  9:30am-8pm
Thu  9:30am-8pm
Fri  9:30am-5pm
Sat  9:30am-5pm