Wireless Printing


Print Wirelessly From Your Laptop

Just tell the printer which building you’re in, and you’ll be able to print from your laptop.
Click on your location below.

I am at the Brewerton Library
I am at the Cicero Library
I am at the North Syracuse Library

The normal rate of $0.10 per printed page applies. Pay at the desk in order to retrieve your pages.

Click here for step-by-step wireless printing instructions (opens in a new window).

Basic instructions:
1. Click on the link above to start the print client auto-installer. The system installs the LPT One Print Client and minimizes it to the taskbar.
2. After you have installed the print client, you can print your document(s) using the public printer.
3. You will be prompted to type in a User ID, which just means name the print job anything that will identify you (e.g. your first name).
4. Visit the service desk to pay for and retrieve your prints. You’ll have to tell them the User ID you entered, so don’t name it anything too secret.
Each print job will expire 60 minutes after it is submitted.

Click OK to submit the print job

Free WiFi is available at all NOPL locations