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The LibraryFarm is an organic community garden on one-half acre of land owned by the Northern Onondaga Public Library in Cicero, NY.  Anyone can “check out” a plot! The purpose of the Library Farm is to provide a place for the community to grow, share and learn about food literacy, and organic, sustainable gardening.

At the Library Farm, half of the area is dedicated to the Community Garden; the other half is dedicated to the Library Farm Plotters – our individual gardeners. All gardeners agree to follow organic growing practices.

Come visit us! We are located at the NOPL @ Cicero Library.

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Activities, Classes and Related Programs

More 2014 Events Coming Soon!

June 21, 2014 (10:00am to 2:00pm)- LibraryFarm Open House! Check out how-to stations, the current plotter’s gardens, and learn how you can join the fun!

June 14, 2014 (10:00am to 11:00am)- Don’t Let Pests Spoil Your Gardening Fun, Presented by John Allen of Edible Gardening CNY. Followed by a LibraryFarm Plotters meeting.

May 24, 2014 (10:00am to 11:30am)- Planning and Planting a Garden in June, Presented by John Allen of Edible Gardening CNY

May 21, 2014 (6:30pm to 7:30pm)- Community Garden Basics, presented by Syracuse Grows.

Followed by a Community Plant Exchange, Presented by the LibraryFarm

May 13, 2014 (6:30pm to 7:30pm)- Creating a Bird Friendly Yard, Presented by Janet Allen, President of Habitat Gardening for Central New York

May 10, 2014 (10am to 2pm) LibraryFarm’s Community Garden Kick-Off! Please join us to help weed, compost, and plant for the Community Garden at the LibraryFarm, a space dedicated to growing food for the local food pantries! For more information or to sign up, visit our Library Calendar or contact acanino(at)

May 3, 2014 (10am to 12n)- LibraryFarm Plotters Meeting

April 29, 2014(6:30pm to 7:30pm)- “Our Future Flies on the Wings of Pollinators” Presented by Janet Allen, President of Habitat Gardening for Central New York

April 5, 2014 (10am to 12n)- Habitat Gardening for Life: Presented by Janet Allen, President of Habitat Gardening for Central New York

Previous Activities, Classes and Related Programs

August 13,2013 – Fall Planting for Spring Harvest: Presented by the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Onondaga County
July 31,2013 – Library Farm Plotters Meeting
July 23,2013 – Save the Rain: Rain Barrel Info Session
July 9,2013 – Gardening with Less Water: Presented by the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Onondaga County
June 17,2013 – Library Farm Plotters Meeting
June 15,2013 – Introduction to Seed Saving: Presented by Jenny Stratton
June 4,2013 – What’s Bugging Your Garden? Presented by John Allen
May 28,2013 – Library Farm Plotters Meeting
May 22,2013 – Habitat Gardening for Life: Presented by Janet Allen
May 11,2013 – Family Fun Day
April 20,2013 – Garden Party
March 16,2013 – Whole Food Nutrition Class
February,2013 – Herb Academy “Herbal Cleaning”
January 23,2013 – The Herb Academy “Skin Care”
January 19,2013 –   Library Farm Meeting

November 17, 2012 – Library Farm “Bedtime” meeting
September 22, 2012 – Food Canning and Preservation
August 12: Herb Academy – Rosemary & Thyme
August 6, 2012: Herb Academy – Sage & Lavender
July 30, 2012: Herb Academy – Dill & Mint
July 23, 2012: Herb Academy –  Parsley & Basil
May 19th, 2012 – Library Farm Kickoff
May 12, 2012 – Build Your Own Mesclun Year Round (Jennifer Cleary)
April 30, 2012 –  May 2: Master Composting class with OCRRA’s Greg Gelewski
April 21, 2012 – Planting Seeds and Transplants in the Garden
March 17, 2012 – Timing: When to Plant What (John Allen)
February 18, 2012 – Food Isn’t Ugly: Fitting Edible Plants into Your Existing Lawn, Landscape & Garden (Terry Ettinger)

December 10, 2011 – The Slow Food movement (Chef Abigail Henson)
August 31, 2011 – Garden Fresh Cooking
September 10, 10:30am – Edible Gardening CNY
August 20, 2011 – What do I do with all this squash?
May 21, 2011 –  Library Farm Kickoff event
May 14, 2011 – Pests and other problems.
May 2-4, 2011 – Master Composting Class, with OCRRA’s Greg Gelewski
April 9, 2011 – Watering, fertilizing.
March 19, 2011 –  Compost, Compost, Compost
February 19, 2011 – Starting seeds indoors.
January 8, 2011 – Succession planting, ordering seeds (link)

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Sign-Up to Volunteer with the Community Garden

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Information Space: Library Farm By Shander Bawden, iSchool student, School of Information Studies at Syracuse University 09/30/2010
Public Praxis: The LibraryFarm, By Thomas Gokey, artist & LibraryFarmer, 08/02/2010

Edible Gardening CNY
Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency



Library Farm Map

The patio platform was created by Eagle Scout Jon DeWolf. The NOPL Kids raised farm beds are used for children’s programming at the library. Overlay image by Google.

Sign-Up Sheet

Sign up here to get involved with the LibraryFarm Plotters. To see what plots are available, view our latest pdf.

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