The How to’s to Using Ancestry is a series of video recordings from Reference Librarian Sue Hansen on how to use Ancestry. Follow Sue through her research while she shows tools and methods inside Ancestry and other digital resources provided by the library. At this time, Ancestry has extended its at-home access through March 2021 when you log in through the library’s website. If you were ever looking to try Ancestry, now is a great time to get a library card.

By Sue Hansen

I am excited to have handy, a personal history of my father’s ancestors.  I have recorded what I have found on ancestral charts that the Ancestry Library has available to download. This is rich history of my father’s World War II experience.  I have my dad’s birth certificate from the Federal Census, his military record, and family information from my mother and father’s marriage certificate which are found under vital records.  I switched focus to find my grandparents’ information in a land title and a will that I had on hand in my personal records.  I was able to research names from this information on the Message Board on Ancestry.   I was led back to the early 17th century as a forum that had questions about child descendants on a family tree.   The names and dates of the descendants matched the information I had on the estate land title record.  I have this information on the ancestral chart now and I can share it with my own family. Below are my videos, while working from home during COVID, showing how I made these findings.

Recording sessions:

Father’s Birth Records

Military Records

Mother’s Birth and Social Security Information

Message Board Grandfather’s Will

Immigration and Passenger lists

Ancestral Charts

Family Groups