In Roald Dahl’s children’s classic story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, characters hunt for golden tickets that gain them entry to Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory.

That is the inspiration behind NOPL’s 2nd annual Great Golden Ticket Giveaway, happening throughout the month of January, 2020 in all three locations – Brewerton, Cicero and North Syracuse.

Young woman looking surprised and holding a grey card

Tickets in the story were hidden in the wrapping of Wonka’s chocolate bars. In the library version, which is designed for adults, 50 tickets will be hidden inside popular fiction and nonfiction books at each library.

“Following the busy holiday season, January can be rather quiet as people return to their normal schedules and prepare to get through the rest of the winter. We wanted to do something fun and engaging for our patrons,” said Alissa Borelli, Manager at NOPL Brewerton.

Discover a ticket, check out the book it was found in, and you can claim a prize. Prizes include vouchers for fine-forgiveness, candy, and small trinkets. Although the contest only runs through the month of January, anyone holding a golden ticket has through the end of February to claim a prize.

So start off 2020 by making your January golden – join the hunt for a golden ticket at NOPL!

Prizes may be claimed through February 28. Prizes vary by location. Call or visit your nearest NOPL location for more information.