Download Music

Did you know that you can download 5 songs a week with your library card using the service called Freegal? Choose from artists like Meghan Trainor, Bruno Mars, Usher, One Direction, Beyoncé, and tons more – you can even download music videos!

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Project Due?

You can always stop into the library and we’ll do our best to help find information that you can use for your report or project, but we also have lots of resources that you can access 24/7 with your library card and PIN.

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Teen Advisory Board

We meet once a month to suggest things the library should purchase for teens, plan teen library events, and have fun!  We do things like: have holiday parties, ice cream socials, DVD swaps and more!

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Looking to do some volunteering? The library is a great place to start! Employers look for volunteering on resumes for first-time job seekers. Check out our sign up sheet to pick a time to help out:

Teen Volunteer Sign Up Sheet

Comics on Hoopla 

With publishers like DC Comics, BOOM! Studios, and Valiant Entertainment now available on Hoopla, you’re sure to find a graphic adventure. Hoopla also has movies, TV shows, eBooks and audio books to steam and download on your device. NOPL card holders can borrow 8 items a month!

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Comics on Hoopla

Jobs for Teens HQ

Jobs for Teens HQ

This website provides teens with job listings by city/state, resume writing tips, job fair information, interviewing best practices, work permit info, volunteering opportunities, labor laws, and other information to help you succeed.

Go to Jobs for Teens HQ

Driving Tests

Don’t head off to take written exam or driving exam unprepared! We’ll hook you up with free practice exams and driver manuals so you ace that test. You don’t even need to sign in with your library card or email. How easy is that?

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