Season 1 – Episode 12

We would like to introduce you, dear listener, to the concept of “hate reading,” because Jackie sure as heck hate-read Fifty Shades. Jen, meanwhile, read the trilogy for the first time, and decided it wasn’t completely terrible. So they sat down and had an in-depth (very long) discussion about the trilogy as a whole, the characters they hated, their favorite and least-favorite scenes, what they did and didn’t like, and just how much Elena upset them both. So here’s a question for you, you sparkly romance nerd: if Fifty Shades were written in 2021, could it have been written any better?

TWTalk about grooming, disordered eating, drug abuse and addiction, stalking, physical abuse, physical abuse of children, teacher-student relationships, statutory rape, abortion, some discussion of BDSM practices including gagging and whipping, #MeToo and blackmail; language use