One does not typically think to put books and social media together, but there are a surprising amount of people who are getting involved with this movement. Of all the possible ways to get involved in sharing a love of books on the internet, Bookstagram and BookTube seem to be the most popular.

What is Bookstagram? 

Contrary to popular belief, Bookstagram isn’t a new social media app; it’s a sub-culture on Instagram that many book lovers are participating in. It is a type of Instagram account on which one posts only pictures that are either books or related to books and reading, typically with reviews of said books in the comment. Having a Bookstagram account has been a trend for several years now, but many people still don’t know that these types of pages exist.

Many bibliophiles have been using their newfound audiences to promote books that are newly released, as well as sharing their opinions on certain books and authors. It allows people to connect with others who share similar views, and potentially bring light to new sides that they may not have seen before.

If you took a look into the Bookstagram community, you’d see that there are many accounts with thousands of followers, but also accounts with just over one hundred. It’s a diverse community, and no matter where you’re from, what you like to read, or how many followers you have, you’re bound to feel welcomed.

An image from bookbookowl's IG

An image from bookbookowl’s IG

Why Bookstagram Could Help Teens

Not only could this kind of a platform encourage teens to read, but it can also encourage them to share their opinions. Having a place to be open about their views could make teens more confident, as well as allowing them to be passionate about the things they enjoy. Even if you don’t particularly love reading, getting into a routine of reading books to post about will help you learn to love reading. If that’s too much commitment, you can even talk about the books you read a long time ago or share theories on books that haven’t been published yet.

It’s a loving community, and within days, any new account will feel welcomed. If you put even a little effort into it, you will get the enjoyment of getting interactions on your posts. With social media being such a large part of teen’s lives, people start to get lonely if they aren’t always talking to someone. With a Bookstagram, while it isn’t 100% guaranteed, you can make new friends relatively quickly.

Popular Bookstagrammers


What is BookTube?

BookTube, similar to Bookstagram, is not its own platform, but a community within the YouTube space in which book lovers share their love of books through blog-style videos. It’s a lot more of a dedicated process to become a “BookTuber.” You would have to take the time to write out rough scripts for videos, film the videos, and edit and upload the content to your channel. Most BookTubers began their careers as Bookstagrammers, then spread their content to YouTube.



The types of videos one would typically see on BookTube would not only be your typical book reviews. Other video types include: Book Haul videos (in which they would talk about all the books they bought that month or year), “Unpopular opinions” videos (in which they talk about popular books in a different light), and “Throwback videos” (in which the talk about the books they read a long time ago and how their opinions may have changed over time and why).

The BookTube community, like Bookstagram, is a loving one, but it takes a lot more time, effort, and countless amounts of patience to gain a foothold in the community. This is the reason that many people start with Bookstagram first, then make the leap to BookTube once they are confident enough to do so.

Why BookTube Could Help Teens

When it comes to BookTube, this platform is more of an influencer in getting teens interested in reading, rather than being a way for them to share their love of reading. There are teens out there who are making content for the community, but it will likely take years for their voices to be heard.

The BookTubers out there are very influential and kind people and are making a positive impact on the teens who choose to watch their videos. It’s a shame that more people don’t know that this community exists, as it could make a significant impact on a lot of teen’s lives.



Popular BookTubers

A Clockwork Reader
Hailey in Bookland

Overall, Bookstagram and BookTube could be the next big thing among book-lovers of all ages, but it’s really up to the teens of today to take advantage of these platforms and spread the word about them. If you’re interested in starting a Bookstagram, all you need to do is read books, and you have the content you need to be successful. Take that leap and start a page!

And a little self-promo, you can find me on both these platforms with the username officialbibliophile!