Do you wish you could easily keep track of the books you’ve read? Whether you enjoyed them or not? Learn about books similar to the ones you enjoyed? Access reviews written by readers just like you? With Goodreads, you can do all of this at once!

I started using Goodreads in grad school to keep track of the great books I read in conjunction with my mandatory reading for school, and have used it ever since. Below I’ve included a few of my favorite Goodreads features followed by brief directions for how you can get started with your own Goodreads account!

Records and Ratings

My favorite Goodreads feature is that rather than simply listing works you’ve read, you can simultaneously rate the books from one to five stars. You can also add a written review if you’d like, but it isn’t essential. Once you begin rating books, Goodreads creates a bookshelf linked to your account that logs all of your ratings and reviews and so you can access this info at any time. Your rating is added to a cumulative rating for each individual book, so others can view the average score for that book. This cumulative rating is displayed on your bookshelf as well, so you can view how others rated the work. By the way, if you subscribe to our weekly Wowbrary newsletter, the rating that appears next to each book is from Goodreads!

goodreads rating

To-Read List

In addition to keeping track of what you’ve read, Goodreads makes recommendations based on your reading history and interests. These recommendations are sorted based on the genre in your reading history with which they best align. If you’ve already read the work that’s being recommended, rate it! If not, you can select it as a book in which you are interested, or one in which you are not interested. If you’re interested it will be added to your “To-Read” shelf; if not, it will be removed as a recommendation.
goodreads bookshelf

The more books you rate and add to your “To-Read” shelf, the more information Goodreads has to make future recommendations. Clicking on any book title will open a summary of that book. There are many other great features available in Goodreads; set up an account today!

Get Started
goodreads create account

  1. Creating a Goodreads account is free and to sign up you just have to visit the website.
  2. Enter your name and email address, create a password, and you’re all set.
  3. Goodreads first prompts you to integrate your email contacts, but you can skip this if you’d like.
  4. It’ll next prompt you to set a reading goal for the year, which is also optional (but could be fun).
  5. Next you get to select your favorite genres. Goodreads uses this list to make recommendations for you, so be sure to put in all of your favorites.
  6. The next page shows you some of the most popular and frequently-read books in the genres you’ve selected so that you can make your initial ratings. After you complete 20 ratings Goodreads will begin making recommendations for future reading.
  7. Once your first 20 ratings are complete, feel free to rate more works to build up your reading history, to explore reading communities, or to search through recommendations and select works to read.
  8. Visit us at any of the three NOPL branches to pick up your next read!