Kids in grades K-2 will have a blast building stuff, running and jumping, making music, and making a mess!

It’s a totally new kind of math club! You’ll get to take home some cool gadgets too! This club runs for 8 weeks at NOPL Cicero Library, with a new activity each week. Click on the event links below to register your child:

Glow-in-the-Dark City
Tue | Jan 14 | 4 – 5 PM
Take geometry to the next level! Learn to recognize some important 3-D shapes, then build a giant skyscraper of glowsticks and styrofoam balls. Flick off the lights to see your creations!

Crazy8s Race
Tue | Jan 21 | 4 – 5 PM
Play a new board game: roll dice to travel around a figure 8 and bring on your teammates when numbers match up. See who makes it to 8 x 8 first!

Funny Money
Tue | Jan 28 | 4 – 5 PM
We’ll bet money you’ll love this one! Have fun comparing coins, buying prizes with them, and finally winning them in an extreme version of Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Beach Ball Party
Tue | Feb 4 | 4 – 5 PM
This is a party you won’t want to miss! You’ll use our star-studded beach ball to play volleyball, then go gaga chucking the ball against targets to score points.

Funky Fractals
Tue | Feb 11 | 4 – 5 PM
Get funky with patterns and mazes! Create crazy patterns with wax sticks and connect them to make a giant version. Then design your own waxy maze to stump your friends.

Laser Maze Craze
Tue | Feb 18 | 4 – 5 PM
Bounce a real laser beam off mirrors to get from one end of a maze to the other! You’ll also explore symmetry by seeing which letters can be formed by mirror image.

Super-Cube Shuffle
Tue | Feb 25 | 4 – 5 PM
Math and art collide when you use specially colored cubes to create cool designs. After a round of design copy mania, you’ll be a super-cube pro!

Epic Air Traffic Control
Tue | Mar 3 | 4 – 5 PM
Build your own airport, complete with finger-light airplanes and glowstick runways. Use your math skills to land all the planes without crashing!