Kids in grades K-2 will have a blast building stuff, running and jumping, making music, and making a mess!

It’s a totally new kind of math club! You’ll get to take home some cool gadgets too! This club runs for 8 weeks at NOPL Cicero Library, with a new activity each week. Click on the event links below to register your child:

Glow in the Dark Geometry
Tue | Oct 8 | 4 – 5 PM
Make geometric shapes using glowsticks. Lay out the sticks to create mystical repeating patterns. Then flick off the lights to see it all glow!

Bouncy Dice Explosion
Tue | Oct 15 | 4 – 5 PM
Your big change to throw things because you’re supposed to. Find out the probability of rolling a 2 or a 5, then try to be the winning chip on a giant human Bingo board.

Spy Training
Tue | Oct 22 | 4 – 5 PM
See if you have what it takes to be a spy. You’ll break different codes for clues to find the hidden treasure!

Tue | Oct 29 | 4 – 5 PM
Play with numbers as you become fence-hopping cows and make up patterns to jump over the fence. Try to wrangle cows into fields with fences of different sizes. Can you fit them all in?

Crazy Card Club
Tue | Nov 5 | 4 – 5 PM
Crazy 8s isn’t just the name of our club; it’s also a famous card game! Learn how to play it and other fun games using a desk of cards you get to keep!

Daring Darts
Tue | Nov 12 | 4 – 5 PM
Supersize the fun in this giant game of floor darts! Once we learn how to keep score, we’ll use hacky sacks to play a few rounds.

Tue | Nov 19 | 4 – 5 PM
It’s hip to be a square! Create large pixelly pictures our of Post-It® Notes! Dream up and plan out other creations and see if you can build them.

Toilet Paper Olympics
Tue | Nov 26 | 4 – 5 PM
Bet you never knew sports and toilet paper could go together, huh? Put your Olympian skills to the test in the shot put, long jump, and relay race events.