Season 1 Episode 13

If you loved Regency romance novels before 82 million households tuned into Bridgerton’s on Netflix, or if you’re new to the regency game, then this episode is dedicated to you. Here Jen and Jackie attempt to boil down an iconic era of British history into a single podcast episode. Jackie’s gives you a fun history lecture on what precisely the regency period was, and together your favorite hosts discuss where the regency romance got its start (all hail Queen Austen), and some potential issues that can be found in (arguably) one of the most popular romance subgenres out there! Button up your pelisse and throw some glitter in your mob cab; it’s time to learn about the regency!

If you’re interested in visualizing regency fashion, go find @Asta.darling on Instagram (I said it wrong in the episode)! She is an “historically-inspired modiste” who remakes period clothing (and fantasy clothing too), and posts really pretty pictures.