Season 1- Episode 10

Welcome back to Not-Hoth, dear humans! You sparkly thing you, thanks for giving us a listen! In this episode, we, Jen and Jackie, follow up on our discussion of the Ice Planet Barbarians series by Ruby Dixon. We narrowed down the 18+ books of the series into a critical think session of four books that we reallllllly wanted to talk about. This is a heavier discussion, and we have some difficult themes we’re going to be talking about, including dubious consentrapekidnapping, and slavery. We end the discussion with a shout out to some of our other favorites in the series (there are many), and Jen gives us a particularly bad joke (as usual). Thanks for listening!

Reminder to go back and listen to the first episode this month (episode #9), as there’s a lot of information about the Ruby Dixon universe!

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TW: Discussions of rape and rape culture, dubious consent (dubcon), kidnapping, and slavery