Hopefully you’re home with a stack of new and old favorite books! But maybe you weren’t able to track down that new title from your to-be-read list in time, or you’re spending too much time rereading your child’s favorites to read one of your own (a huge thank you to Miss Sarah and all the others recording themselves reading children’s books!). No matter your situation, check out one of my favorite resources—websites about books! Discover your next big read or learn about the one book you missed from your favorite series.

  1. Goodreads: It’s amazing. Keep track of what you’ve read and how you felt about it, follow what your friends are reading, and find out what book lovers are really saying about bestselling titles.
  2. Fantastic Fiction: No one knows better than librarians how confusing it can be when authors release books from different series back to back and seemingly without order. There are plenty of websites that can tell you in which order to read the books, but Fantastic Favorite is my favorite. In addition to providing series lists in order and book summaries, it also provides alerts for upcoming publish dates and bestselling author recommendations.
  3. LibraryReads: We all like to share what we’re reading now! If you’ve ever wondered what librarians around the country are loving, check out LibraryReads. Every month ten new titles are nominated by librarians. The site focuses on authors who may not be as well-known, and is a great resource for finding a new favorite.
  4. Bookmarks: Professional review sites can be confusing, and what one reviewer loves another hates. Bookmarks collects professional reviews all in one place. Once a title has been reviewed three times, it’s added to the site. You can see how many times the title got a review categorized as rave, positive, mixed or The reviews are all linked so you can read them, and based on the average of the reviews, the book gets assigned an overall rating.
  5. BookRiot: A fun resource that has quirky articles about the world of books. There are podcasts, quizzes, recommendations and more.

Do you have any favorite book sites? Let us know! Enjoy your next read, and the hunt to find that next read!