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Teen April Fools Cupcakes

 Posted by Amanda Roberts on April 9, 2013
Apr 092013

On April 1st, 2013, Children’s Librarian Nicole put on a “April Fools Cupcakes” program at NOPL @ Cicero. The event was at full capacity, as you can see from these photos:

If you missed out on the cupcake program, good news, here’s a how-to on some of the cupcakes they made:

Corn on the cob:
A how-to video hosted by Nicole.

Cupcake + yellow frosting + jelly beans + yellow starburst. View the full recipe (

Peas n’ carrots:
Cupcake + green frosting + runts & jellybeans + orange starburst. View the full recipe (

Mashed potatoes:
Cupcake + white frosting + caramel sause + yellow starburst. View the full recipe (

Chicken drumstick:
Cupcake + white frosting + donut hole + white “chicken bone” + more frosting + cornflake crumbs. View the full recipe (