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In the fall of 2011, the Northern Onondaga Public Library Strategic Planning Committee invited library users for input and feedback. We wanted to know who used our libraries, and how those users felt about our buildings, programs, collections and customer service. The information we gathered will help us as we make plan for the future.

If you didn’t have a chance to participate, we encourage you to put suggestions or comments in the suggestion boxes that you’ll find in each library. Or use the link on our website to send an email to NOPL Director Kate McCaffrey (Contact us–> Ask the director)

Many thanks to all 1200 people who responded.

Survey Summary


I really appreciate the NOPL library and am very grateful for it. I don’t use the downloadable material at this time, but could easily see myself using it in the future. You have a great system.

We really appreciate the library as a community gathering place as well as a learning and resource place. The Brewerton librarians are the best!

I love the library. People don’t realize how fortunate we are to have a wonderful library. I really love the ability to place holds on best sellers and pick them up at my library.

I would love to see a community garden at the North Syracuse location, like the Cicero library!
The library building is great place for meetings and small events. It is also a safe place for my children to visit and learn how to use a library. They know the staff well (because they are friendly and helpful!)and feel very comfortable using this public space.

If you count my whole family, we use the library every week. Selection is great because of the ability to reserve books online. Reminders via email are great. Very well run organization.

I started using the Library again after an absence of a few years and amazed at how easy you have made the on-line requests. The emails and renewal options are great as well.

I like being able to find the books online and order and then pick them up. i always get them quickly. Too bad other businesses don’t run as smoothly as the library.

You’re doing a great job. i love the library system here and I recommend it regularly to friends. Thank you!

Love the library, have been using Cicero branch since 1994 and have enjoyed watching it change and grow. I look forward to its continued growth and success.

I am very pleased with the direction that the library is taking. There are many good services and the collections are highly improved over the past few years!

The NOPL system is the best I’ve used. I believe not having a rental cost on DVDs encourages people to come in. This was the case for my family, low on money and wanted to watch a couple movies; once we were in we realized there was so much more offered. The summer reading program for children was great as was the show put on by the zoo last year. Overall our experience with NOPL has improved my children’s reading and communication skills. We live north of the river so it might not be the same, I paid my taxes the other day and it seemed the library tax was low compared to what is offered; it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if the library tax was increased to keep or improve what is offered.
Thank You

You all do an excellent job, and are very user friendly. Thank you!

I wasn’t aware of some of the services at the library so I am glad to have taken the survey. Like free wifi and online language learning.

Thank you for asking us! I have been so impressed with how our local public libraries have stepped forward and really tried to engage the public with summer reading clubs, the garden at Cicero, book clubs, etc. The online components are great!

My children and I love the library and the staff. Even though we use the Internet a lot, we really rely on the library. It’s a wonderful resource we would really hate to lose.

I have lived all over the world and libraries have been a part of my world forever. You have a great library system.

We love our library. The staff is really nice and though I’m so worried about my kids making too much noise they have never made me feel that way. As times are changing it’s interesting to see the library moving along with those times. Seeing that video games, blu-ray video, ebooks, and music downloads are available shows that the libraries are still a great resource for media.