What is Hoopla?

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Stream TV shows, movies, albums and audiobooks right to your desktop, Apple, or Android digital device! Hoopla’s auto-return feature means no late fees, and you never have to wait for the item you want to become available. Hoopla is accessible to anyone with a NOPL library card! All you need to get started is an internet connection and a digital device.

With the Hoopla app, you can temporarily download content to your mobile device: borrow a movie for you kids to watch on those long car trips, an audiobook to listen to during your commute, or a music album for your workout! Hoopla’s auto-return feature means no overdue fees, and you can skip the hassle of bringing items back to the library!

Please note: Each library card is limited to 8 check-outs per month (any mix of movies, music or audiobooks). The checkout counter resets on the first of the month. Please note that returning a title early does not give users additional borrows for that month.

Access Hoopla

Click the button below to visit Hoopla and sign up for an account. You will need your NOPL library card and PIN to get started.

Access Hoopla

Printable Help Guide

View step-by-step instructions on how to get started with Hoopla, what devices are supported, and what plug-ins are needed for viewing Hoopla media in an internet browser on your computer. 


Online Help Guide

  1. Ensure your library card was issued by the Northern Onondaga Public Library.
  2. Visit www.hoopladigital.com or download the hoopla app on your iOS or Android mobile device and click “Sign Up”. The hoopla app is free and can be found in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  3. Agree to the hoopla Terms and Conditions of Use.
  4. Enter an email address and create a hoopla password.
  5. Use the pull down menu to select Northern Onondaga Public Library
  6. Enter your library card number and PIN.
  7. You can now browse or search titles.  To borrow a title, click on the title cover image and then click the Borrow button. Movies and TV titles can be borrowed for three (3) days. Music albums can be borrowed for seven (7) days. Audiobooks can be borrowed for 21 days.
  8. Your borrowed titles can be found under the My Titles tab for viewing and listening. Enjoy your selected titles! You are not able to stream hoopla on library computers, but you can stream hoopla on your personal laptop or device in the library.

To view a current list of supported devices, required plugins, and recommended browsers for optimal desktop viewing, please see the Hoopla Support webpage.

Visit Hoopla Support to view common FAQs.

If you have questions you are welcome to call any NOPL branch listed below. If you feel you need more assistance or are interested in taking a Hoopla class, ask a librarian about scheduling a One-on-One Tech Help session.

Brewerton: (315) 676-7484
Cicero: (315) 699-2032
North Syracuse: (315) 458-6184

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