Jeff the Magic Man

 Posted by Amanda Roberts on December 12, 2014
Dec 122014

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Come to the NOPL at Brewerton December 30th to experience Jeff the Magic Man. He will awe children and adults alike with a performance filled with surprise and talent. Let Jeff the Magic Man show you how spectacular animals, monsters and festive characters are when created from a puff of air and a small rubber balloon. The event starts at 2pm, to attend please register for this event at the library, by phone at 315-676-7484 or though the events calendar.


 Posted by Amanda Roberts on December 2, 2014
Dec 022014

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Nov 202014


LibraryFarm Virtual Tour: Welcome!

 Posted by Adrienne Canino on November 20, 2014
Nov 202014

Wisdom from Cicero

Nov 202014

Jr. Gardener

LibraryFarm Virtual Tour: Composting

 Posted by Adrienne Canino on November 20, 2014
Nov 202014

The most basic form of recycling we can participate in is composting. Take organic matter from your kitchen and from the yard, mix together, and you have highly nutrient soil supplement for your garden!

recycling to make dirt!