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 Posted by Amanda Roberts on April 13, 2015
Apr 132015


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Apr 032015
The Discovery Den

The Discovery Den is NOPL at North Syracuse’s new space for leisurely hands-on projects

The Discovery Den is NOPL at North Syracuse’s new space for self-guided “mini make” projects – hands on activities that anyone can participate in – designed to educate, inspire, and engage. Each month there will be a different themed activity, and all the materials needed to complete the projects will be available inside the Discovery Den.

The first Discovery Den activity involves writing Haikus or other short poems on sticky notes that will then be placed on the beautiful tree mural on the wall, serving as a living art piece when completed. Other upcoming monthly activities include: Hero Masks (June), Fizzing Fireworks Art (July), Make Your Own Comic Book (Aug), Halloween Safety Lights (Oct), and more!

In addition to the monthly themed activities, the room is also equipped with iPads, a Fellowes Comb Binding Machine, a Silhouette Cameo Cutting Machine, and a Wolverine Slide/Negative Scanner. We invite everyone to come get hands-on at the Discovery Den at NOPL at North Syracuse!

Cheryl Pula presentations 2015

 Posted by Amanda Roberts on March 23, 2015
Mar 232015

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The Board of Trustees of the Northern Onondaga Public Library, with branches in Brewerton, Cicero and North Syracuse, is proud to announce a new policy that will eliminate overdue fines on materials for children and teens.  Library staff members know from experience that fines can be a burden for families, but more importantly, fines can get in the way of one of our core values – turning children into readers.

We’re pleased that parents and teachers who borrow books, CD’s and DVD’s for children will also benefit from this policy change.  We understand that when there are children involved life can be especially hectic, and this is our way of helping.  On the flip side, it should be understood that adult materials, and computer games are not covered, and overdue fines will apply even if the item is borrowed by a child or teen.

The board approved the new policy unanimously, but asked the tough question:  what is the incentive for returning library materials, if there are no fines.  The answer?  Overdue notices will still go out, and lost or damaged item charges will still apply as with all library materials.  When a child or teen with long overdue items tries to check something out, a block will pop up and the staff member will have a conversation with the cardholder about getting things back for other borrowers to use.

How can you take advantage of this? The easiest way is to get yourself into a NOPL library. Not only do we have great collections but our events are top-notch as well. If you don’t have a library card, this is a perfect time to apply.  If your card was issued at another Onondaga County library, you should know that the new policy extends to anyone who visits a NOPL library to borrow items for children and teens, meaning anyone with a library card can benefit. (However, NOPL does not honor OnPass cards issued to out of county residents).

The policy will take effect on March 2nd and will apply to any books, CD’s, audiobooks or DVD’s for children and teens checked out on that date or after.  If you have questions about the policy, or about which library items are affected, please ask a friendly NOPL staff member!

As NOPL celebrates 20 years as a Special District Library, the staff and Board of Trustees are taking this opportunity to thank our taxpayers for 20 years of generous support.



Calling North Syracuse Alumni!

 Posted by Michelle Waltos on February 24, 2015
Feb 242015

Volunteers are planning to scan Northern Onondaga Public Library’s collection of yearbooks for schools in the North Syracuse School District and make them available digitally online. But your help is needed! There are some years for which the library does not have yearbooks, and we are hoping you can help fill the gaps so that a complete collection can be scanned.

You’ll find a list below of yearbooks that are needed.  If you have one that is on the list, please contact Geoff, the Reference Librarian at NOPL at North Syracuse by calling (315)458-6184, and he can provide you with more details. The scanning process does not damage the yearbooks, and items will be returned to their owners after the scanning is complete.

Yearbooks Needed:

High School

North Syracuse Scribbler

  • 1925-1937
  • 1939-1940
  • 1942

North Syracuse Torch

  • 1947

North Syracuse Northmen

  • 1962

Cicero Orator

  • 1968-1969

Junior High & Middle School

Roxboro Road Junior High Boro Echoes

  • 1960
  • 1962
  • 1967

Roxboro Road Middle School Boro Echoes

  • 1969-1970
  • 1973-present

Gillette Road Middle School Reflections

  • 1969
  • 1975-1998
  • 2000-present



‘Our World Remade: World War I’ is a five-part reading and discussion series made possible through a grant from the New York Council for the Humanities. The program is designed to encourage thoughtful discussion and personal reflection about the tragic and transformative ‘war to end all wars’. Readings include historical accounts; novels; poetry and eyewitness accounts.

Please join us for a kickoff meeting on Wednesday, March 4th at 6:30 PM to learn about the program, discuss the reading list and receive reading materials! Registration is required.

March 18: The War to End All Wars
April 1: A Call to Arms (and its Dissenters)
April 15: Incalculable Losses: The Battle of Verdun
April 29: Technology, Horror and Dehumanization
May 13: Trying to Make Sense of the Senseless

Learn more at http://www.nyhumanities.org/discussion_groups/adults/ourworldremade.php