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Jan 21, 2012 LibraryFarm Minutes


Notes from our meeting Jan 21st.


We need a meeting to talk about and reach consensus on a list of clear rules/guidelines that will help all the LibraryFarmers stay on the same page. We will have this meeting on Feb 18 at 10:30am

Once we agree on the rules/guidelines, we need to have everyone who is participating in the LibraryFarm sign this agreement.

In general the paths are too narrow. We especially need some central wide paths that make it easier to get to the back of the LibraryFarm.

Some plants that people are growing (like mammoth sunflowers) are too tall and create shade for neighboring plots. We need to come up with a rule for which plants should not be planted in the individual plots and set aside another place where people can grow these plants.

Some plants overgrow the plot and start to block the paths.

We have a big need for signage that clearly distinguishes between the individual plots and the community section.

We need numbered signs for each plot.

Some gardeners are growing and caring for crops only to have them disappear because somebody else picked them. Also, some plots have plants that are growing and need to be picked but are not. We need a way to clearly communicate when it is and is not okay to pick plants from someone else’s plot. This might mean making signs that say “Pick Me,” or “Don’t Pick Me.”

We need a way to contact each other about each other’s plots. This means that we need to be willing to share our personal contact information with each other (e-mail and/or phone number). This will need to be something that we all agree to.

We need to make a public map of the LibraryFarm.

We need a group of more committed LibraryFarmers to form a “helping hands committee” that can deal with issues as they come up. This might include re-assigning a plot if the person who checked the plot out doesn’t end up using their plot, or contacting them if the plot has gotten overgrown or needs to be picked and offer to help. This could also be a go-to group of people when other LibraryFarmers need help with anything or to help resolving a conflict.

We need some money to help us develop the LibraryFarm. Several fundraising ideas were discussed.

We also talked about letting people use their own money to buy the materials needed to create a raised bed and have volunteers ready to help build it.

Wish List:

More children involved

An herb garden

lots of compost (organize either a large truck or several pick-up trucks)

Lots of mulch (organize a way to transport it)

More rain barrels

A wheelbarrow

A rototiller (although we don’t have a place to store this, if people would be willing to bring their rototillers on work days or make them available from time to time that would be fantastic)

More weedblock material

Mushroom Logs

Animals (rabbits/chickens)

We should have a spring clean up day as soon as the weather allows to get things cleaned up and start working.

In May after things are already up and going for the season we should have an official kick off day. This will be a big work day/celebration, a good time for new LibraryFarmers to get involved, and a good day to invite the New York Times reporter.

Late in the season we should have a harvest day where we have a large community feast.