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Dog Days At NOPL

 Posted by Amanda Roberts on September 10, 2012
Sep 102012

From September 2012: (Originally appeared in the Eagle Star-Review)

Last week, our old friend Ace the Library Dog dropped in to visit NOPL at Cicero. This Monday a shelter dog from the CNYSPCA will visit. It’s the dog days of summer at NOPL.

Regular patrons should remember Ace. For two years, Ace was part of the NOPL family, as people of all ages were allowed to “check out” Ace and spend time with the dog, once a month at each library.

Ace was a stray mutt, malnourished and mangy, who spent time in a kennel before finding a family. “He was a disaster, but we loved him right away,” says his owner Meg Backus, former Adult Programming Librarian and PR Coordinator at NOPL. They cleaned up Ace and enrolled him in obedience and manners classes. “The dog was too good not to share,” Meg said about why she got him registered as a therapy dog. In December of 2009, Ace became NOPL’s official “Library Dog.”

On August 30th, Ace came to say “goodbye” to NOPL. Starting this week, Ace and his family have taken up residence in Tennessee. His owner Meg was recently hired as Systems Administrator at the Chattanooga Public Library. ”Ace had a ton of friends here,” Meg says, “but he has moved before and loves to meet new friends.”

Even though Ace has moved to Tennessee, a new dog will visit NOPL at Cicero. On September 10th at 3:30pm, our friends at the CNYSPCA will be stopping by with an adorable dog to meet, greet, and possibly even adopt. Patrons will also learn how to properly care and treat any animal, as well as learn about the vital service the SPCA provides on a daily basis.

“Many of our shelter dogs come from a bad situation,” says Terri Para, development director at the CNYSPCA. “By adopting a shelter dog you will not only be giving them a wonderful home with care and love but you will be gaining a devoted friend.”

Terri has always loved animals; she has owned turtles, rabbits, dogs, birds, and even a hedgehog. In the past, Terri has rescued three dogs. “It didn’t take long for them to become an integral part of our family.  They gave us unconditional love and were devoted companions.”

Come by and meet a dog, consider adopting or volunteering, or just learn about the resources and services aimed to assist and shelter dogs in our area. We at NOPL wish Ace (and Meg) happy trails and, at the same time, we welcome a new animal friend into our community.