Butterfly Rescue Project

 Posted by Amanda Roberts on May 4, 2013
May 042013

By Alyssa Newton, May 2013

The NOPL @ Cicero Library Farm is excited to support Malerie Belles of Local Girl Scout Troop 10272 this summer, as she works to earn her Silver Award – the highest award a Cadette Scout can earn!

According to Malerie, “My take action community project is to build a butterfly garden at the Cicero public library. I chose to build a butterfly garden to increase butterfly and other pollinator populations in this area, which will in turn, assist with the production of food in the nearby Library Farm. Butterflies are also fun and relaxing to watch. I’ve learned that their habitats are disappearing at a rate of 3,000 acres per day in the U.S due to urban sprawl, pesticides, and insecticides. I want to create a place where it is safe for them to live and flutter. I also learned that butterflies are one of nature’s top pollinators and they are responsible for pollinating one third or more of all the fruits and vegetables raised each year in the United States; another good reason to have them around.” Malerie’s new addition to the Library Farm will help support the community garden section of Library Farm, creating a sustainable habitat that will help produce a healthy vegetable garden that is harvested for local food pantries.

To create a butterfly garden at the NOPL @ Cicero Library Farm, Malerie is looking for help from the community. She is collecting donations and supplies to make her project a success, including:
• Nectar plants and flowers, such as purple cone flowers, poppies, daisies, lavender, and milkweed
• Host plants and flowers for caterpillars, such as Queen Anne’s lace, red clover, wild lupine, small sunflower, dill and parsley
• Compost
• Wood/boards for raised beds (4ft lengths, 4-6” wide)
• Live butterflies to release in area
• Cash donations (tax free donation forms are available for companies)