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Ace the (Former) Library Dog

 Posted by Amanda Roberts on October 3, 2010
Oct 032010

Ace the Library Dog was added to NOPL’s collection in January 2010. Ace is a  mixed-breed dog who is registered as a Canine Good Citizen and Delta therapy animal. He was also Pet of the Month at Nottingham Pet Clinic, and was voted class clown in Beginner Agility to boot. Ace visited each of the three NOPL libraries once per month for a stretch of two or three hours at a time. Zipped into the special green vest he wears at the library is his barcode (or barkcode, as we say), and with this, patrons were allowed to check Ace out for short-term in-library use.

His tolerance for having his ears and fur pulled is good for teaching very young children how to safely approach and pet an animal. His gentleness is valuable for people who wish to become less afraid of dogs. His playfulness lends itself well to study breaks, and his obedience can teach anyone the basics of behavior science and animal learning. Ace seems especially fond of working with people with sensory sensitivities. His literary tastes run the gamut: he considers Clifford and Mudge dear friends, and he still paces around mulling over Of Mice and Men (What if Lennie had a therapy dog-loaning library, where he could learn how to interact safely with soft things?). If allowed, Ace will simply devour any newspaper he can get his paws on.

He came with a bag of toys, treats, and tricks, and is available to all ages for 20 minute visits. After visiting him 5 times, patrons recieved a custom coloring sheet of you and the dog.

Update: On August 30, 2012, Ace came to say “goodbye” to NOPL. Ace and his family have taken up residence in Tennessee. His owner, Meg, was recently hired as Systems Administrator at the Chattanooga Public Library. ”Ace had a ton of friends here,” Meg says, “but he has moved before and loves to meet new friends.”